About Olivia

Welcome to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Healthiness! My name is Olivia. I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest where it’s common to raise chickens and volunteer at your local farm. I hail from Southern California where the sun actually shines and the oranges are legendary. I miss my sun-kissed skin and vitamin D loaded bod but Oregon has much to offer. You’ve landed yourself at a blog centered around the journey to healthy living and eating. Here you will experience the things I experience in my pursuit. There will be a myriad of geeky health things to discover….sprouting, fermenting, growing, culturing, blending, cooking, hatching, butchering…who knows! I am the kind of girl who gets excited about things like eggs and random dandelion weeds growing in my driveway.
My happy place…Italy.

Me and my handsome hubby, Jeremiah on our wedding day!

Things that may shock you (or if you’re super geeky like me…they will just excite you):

I believe in eating Cholesterol…and a LOT of it.

I do not believe in low-fat or non-fat foods.

I do not believe in soybean, vegetable, or canola oil.

I believe in Organic.

I believe in local and Grass-Fed meat, and dairy.

I believe in sustainable farming practices.

And yes, I believe if we allow it, local food can feed the world.

I believe that, coupled with faith, your body can heal itself given the proper nutrition and tools.

I believe in being environmentally aware of where your dairy, meat, vegetables, and energy come from AND being involved in such processes.

I believe in having a relationship with your resources.

I believe fishing, farming, and logging are respectable careers.

I believe the Western culture has become the most uncreative.

I believe the Western culture has the funds to be the most creative and ecologically effective culture but instead we are flushing it down the pot for an ecologically disrespectful and ruinous habit. i.e. concentrated animal feeding operations, gmo food, soybean oil, vegetable oil, chemical dependency food system.

I do not believe in Microwaves.

I do not believe in food that does not expire and can survive on a shelf without decomposing.

I do not believe in Soy unless it is fermented.

I believe that believing in the previously mentioned things has ruined our cultures integrity and health.

I believe one’s health is ruined by one’s apathy.

I believe you can heal your body from the previously mentioned things. (fake food, antibiotic and soy-ridden meat, enzymatically deprived food, and unawareness)

I believe in being politically incorrect to save yourself from demise.

I believe in not worrying too much about these issues for they are merely earthly.

I believe in Jesus Christ who provides us with everything we need.
Are you ready to get up close and personal???

DISCLAIMER: I am not a health professional and can not treat, cure, or diagnose an illness. Please refer to your healthcare provider before making any serious changes to your regimen. The information disclosed on this site is meant to inspire and guide your own pursuit of health.


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