Homemade Sprouted Whole Wheat Tortillas Made with Lard


Do you know what I love? I love that moment when you figure out how to make something you thought you could only purchase from the store! …and it’s BETTER than anything the store could ever sell!

Oh what a great feeling!

This is what happened for tortillas and me last night. I figured out how to make real food, sprouted flour, lard tortillas! Seriously, these tortillas are delicious and have great texture.

And you know what? I didn’t need a fancy tortilla press. All I needed was a rolling pin and a frying pan! And about an hour and a half. And of course the ingredients that go into the dough…

The following recipe make 12 tortillas. I would recommend doubling the recipe since it is a bit time consuming. You can freeze or refrigerate the tortillas.


2 1/2 cups of sprouted whole wheat flour – I use To Your Health Sprouted Flour Company’s flour, it is magnificent!

1/2 cup lard, olive oil, coconut oil, or tallow

1 teaspoon sea salt- I used pink salt

1 cup warm water

1/2 teaspoon per tortilla of lard for frying


1. Use either a hand held mixer, a kitchen-aid, or food processor (with dough blade!)

2. Add flour, oil/fat, and salt to mixer and combine until crumbly.

3. As your mixer or food processor is running, slowly add warm water until dough joins together into a large, smooth lump.

4. Roll out your lump into a cylindrical baguette shape and measure out 12 even slices. Cut your 12 slices.

5. Roll each slice into a ball in your hand and flatten all of the out on a large cutting board or counter top. Cover for 30 minutes.

6. Prepare a floured surface to roll out your tortillas.

7. Roll out tortillas to approx. 10″ around. [it takes a bit of practice to roll out your tortillas perfectly round. Take it slow and roll out equally on all sides]

8. Heat up your skillet with your lard or other fat on medium heat.

9. Fry your tortilla for about 30 or so seconds on each side or until it starts to brown and bubble a bit.

Ay ay ay!

Eat your tortillas right away or refrigerate/freeze for later use.


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3 thoughts on “Homemade Sprouted Whole Wheat Tortillas Made with Lard

  1. Do you always purchase your flour on amazon for that price? Right now, 5 lbs is $30…(Price plus shipping). That’s approx 20 cups / $30 = $1.50 a cup?? (Even if you buy the 10lb bag it’s $1.10) This is one of those hard areas for me. I’m trying to eat whole and eat cheap. So many blogs say I can do it successfully; but I just don’t see it. I track every penny of our spending and I get so discouraged with stuff like this. Have you ever soaked regular WW flour? It’s so much cheaper. I just haven’t found a successful recipe for tortillas yet.

    • Hi Courtney, I so understand your frustration!! I am not always able to buy sprouted flour, in fact I just ran out of mine! I had a ten lb bag that I stretched out for a while so it looks like ill have to wait to buy more. It is true that its certainly a challenge sometimes to eat traditional, whole, and real foods as so many cheap foods are govt subsidized and appear less expensive. We’ve got to pick our battles and do the best we can!

  2. We are saving a ton of money by buying organic wheat berries in bulk. The guys at our local natural foods store are nice enough to order it for us through their suppliers. I sprouted my first batch and dehydrated it the other day and will hand grind it soon. Granted, I have a dehydrator and a grain mill and it takes a lot of work and time, but it pays off in the end. Specialty flour is so expensive!

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