Day 7: No Coffee Video Blog

Hello out there!

Here are the things I have noticed since quitting coffee: Less bloating, a comfortable stomach, a little more energy, legs hurt [a bit] less, no crashes, able to get moving and feeling awake faster in the morning.

I’m starting to think all of those studies that say coffee drinkers live longer are a crock…how can you live longer if your adrenals are suffering? Just Sayin’!

This post is linked to Butter Believer’s Sunday School.


3 thoughts on “Day 7: No Coffee Video Blog

  1. You go, Liv! Good for you, a whole week off coffee! Writing a blog about it is also a good way to stick to your commitment, very brave. Great video and GORGEOUS teeth. (I definitely missed out on those genes.) What I have noticed about yerba matte is that when I stop, I don’t get a caffeine withdrawal headache, like getting off green/black tea and coffee. But it can still be quite stimulating in a less edgy way. Wishing you much success!

  2. Yay! Nice work, Olivia! Mike has been staying away from coffee too! Strangely, he is having some Candida symptoms. He had a lot of mercury fillings removed a couple years ago. He worked really hard and stayed away from coffee for about 6 months and then went back. I think going back to drinking coffee inhibited his body’s ability to fully detoxify. He has seen an increase in some symptoms since quitting. Good, but hard. Maybe this time around, he will fully detoxify.

    Oh and don’t you love how Mate makes you feel? Your Aunt Mary described it well, “stimulating in a less edgy way.” I always felt like a crackhead on coffee. And sometimes I would actually like that feeling, but that crazy anxious energy doesn’t pair too well with trying to be a patient mom. Mate doesn’t make me anxious or crazy. So thanks for reminding me of why I stay away from coffee. It smells so delicious every once in a while.

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