“Fresh”: A Movie Review.

Now THESE are some happy pigs. And they know how to exfoliate.

I am so glad we had the pleasure of watching the documentary “Fresh” last weekend. I can’t give a high enough review. I want to watch it again!
While exposing the depressing reality of the current food systems and industries, “Fresh” manages to still keep it light and uplifting. At the end of the movie, I wasn’t hating factory farmers for their dirty deeds. Instead, I wanted to garden and buy 12 cows and chickens. And pigs. And goats.
I read a quote recently that said something to the extent of…”Don’t spread hate for something bad, spread love for something good.” I think I butchered it. But you get the idea.
And let me tell you, this movie spread the love! All the clips of Joel Salatin (my favorite farmer) with his cowboy hat, tan arms, and sexy glasses walking through the pastures of his farm in Virginia made me appreciate life a little more.
When it came to the interviews held with “Mr. and Mrs. Fox”, “traditional” farmers, and their depressed poodle, I really noticed a drastic difference in attitude. These farmers had no passion.
From Freshthemovie.com “Joel calls himself a grass-farmer, for it is the grass that transform the sun into energy that his animals can then feed on. By closely observing nature, Joel created a rotational grazing system that not only allows the land to heal but also allows the animals to behave the way the were meant to — as in expressing their “chicken-ness” or “pig-ness”, as Joel would say.”

“Cheap food is an illusion. The real cost of the food is paid somewhere.”-Michael Pollan, The Omnivore’s Dilemna

This is probably the best quote to epitomize the movie. It isn’t a win-win situation when we walk into a supermarket and purchase a cart full of meat and dairy to last for days with just fifty dollars. It isn’t a win-lose situation either. It’s a lose-lose situation. Why? We are not only destroying our health by eating cheap, chemical-ridden, artificially raised meat, dairy, and produce. We are also destroying our resources. Soil depletion is a huge concern regarding the vast amount of corn, soy, and wheat production without soil replenishment. Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (or, CAFOS) are producing an ungodly amount of toxic waste. If these cows were on pasture, their waste wouldn’t be toxic and could be used for manure to replenish the soil. “Fresh” explains how nature’s different assets are meant to work together. Animals, crops, dirt, and grass. It is a system. Without mother nature’s system we are destroying the earth. And thus, are ability to produce food. “Chemical Agriculture is a drug trip. It takes more and more every year to get the same kick.” -Joel Salatin, Folks, This Just Ain’t Normal

Don’t take my word for it…go see it! Let me know what you think.

Here’s the trailor:


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