Weird But Good Wednesday: Just Say No to Showers.


It has been my goal for about the last month to take as few showers as possible.
Don’t worry, I do cleanse my bod, just not in the shower. I take hot baths on a regular basis.( I leave the no bathing up to my husband! ;))
It has been quite a journey, this no showering business. I have to think ahead a little more and plan my time accordingly. Why, you ask, do I put so much effort into avoiding the shower?
I avoid showers for a few reasons. I have a de-chlorinating device for my bath water, but not for my shower head. Chlorine is extremely harmful to the body and is absorbed epidermally in large amounts during regular showers and baths. It is also in our tap water. You would think ingesting the stuff would contribute to the bulk of our chlorine over-dosage but that is not the case. The average person has a body chlorine content that is 64 percent due to skin absorption. This means showering, hand washing, and bathing, etc., are harming us more than helping us. Chlorine is an excellent disinfectant. If it were a healthy thing to routinely exterminate ALL of the critters (i.e., bacteria) in our guts, then chlorine would work nicely. But as scientists have known for decades, many of the bugs that grow inside us are not only beneficial, but also necessary for the proper functioning of our digestion. In addition, chlorine chemically bonds with proteins in the hair, skin, and scalp making hair rough and brittle. Skin is also targeted and can dry out with itchy, flaky scalp occurring. And if that weren’t enough it’s also linked to respiratory damage and cancer. In short, chlorine is poison to our bodies.

The second reason is so that I do not strip my skin and hair from natural oils. This goes along with the drying effects of chlorine. By constantly scrubbing and scraping you can induce a dry, flaky, malnourished skin. Since saying no to showers, I have noticed improvement in the texture of my hair. It is usually a massive poodle-like fro if I let nature take it’s course and air dry it but it seems to have been slightly tamed by baths.

Baths are relaxing! It is so nice to climb into a hot tub and de-compress. You can add essential oils for the ever-lovely touch of aromatherapy. I like to add a few drops of tea tree oil…so fresh and so clean. My other favorites for the bath include eucalyptus, juniper, lemon, and lavender.

Had a rough day? Pour in some epsom salts to relieve pain from soreness, inflammation, and bruising. I must warn you though…maybe it’s just me but epsom salt baths have an appetite increasing effect like NO OTHER! I always emerge from such baths feeling like I haven’t eaten in days. (Magnesium has this effect on people I hear)

Create your own oasis…bring your book. Bring your wine or tea. Bring some Enya, Jack Johnson, whatever you fancy …reflect on all that you are grateful for. Be calm 🙂
a quiet night alone\


16 thoughts on “Weird But Good Wednesday: Just Say No to Showers.

  1. So true. Thanks for the reminder! We have yet to tackle the chlorine in the bath and shower yet. It is high on the list though. Great info. Thanks for sharing it. And I love me some Epsom salts.

  2. Awesome… my husband is the same:) And I am too. I luckily don’t have to worry about chlorine (only pesticides… sigh) since I live in the country, so I do still shower sometimes, but more often I’d rather take a bath. It’s such an indulgence, and one I’ve insisted on doing regularly since college. It became an even more important indulgence for me once I had kids!

  3. Have a shower head that eliminates chlorine in the shower and use a hose from the shower head to fill bathtub.
    Have not been able to find one for the tub faucet. Where can one be purchased?

  4. THANK YOU for reminding me that I’m supposed to be looking for a shower head filter! I’ve been suspecting that my dry skin and itchy scalp are a result of the heavily chlorinated city water we have since moving a few months ago. Great article reminding folks that cleansing ourselves on the outside is often harming our insides.

  5. I would love to know where you purchased your filter. I can’t find one anywhere and I only takes baths. I use baths to detox with either food grade hydrogen peroxide or Epsom salt.
    Thanks so much, Jackie

  6. We got a dechlorination device installed that’s set up for the whole house and it was well worth the investment. We had off the charts chlorine levels. I like the idea of taking less showers for so many reasons – save water, use less products etc. Great post!

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  8. Our lymph system drains from our feet, so a hot bath facilitates the draining process. Thus, a cleaner and healthier lymph system to stave off all of life’s nasty little cooties. Bathe on!

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