Why I Want High Cholesterol

Bacon and Eggs

An ideal breakfast. Plenty of nutritious fat and cholesterol.

It’s hard to imagine a world today without cholesterol lowering statin drugs. Everyone knows someone who has fallen victim to this “help”. 100 years ago, they did not even exist. But guess what did? Bacon, liver, egg yolks, cream, milk, and all those ingredients that make our meals delicious.

In today’s world, these essential and completely natural foods have gained a bad rap through bashing by doctor’s, the governement, the USDA food-pyramid, nutritionists and the soybean and vegetable oil industry. Most people have acquiesced to such politically correct demands in the name of health and longer life. But what if I told you that you have been completely duped?

Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but religiously commiting to lowering cholesterol and fat in your diet is a high risk unhealthy business. You have been duped.

The theory that doctors and politically correct diet-pushers base their agenda on is called the lipid hypothesis. Specifically, the 1953 study by Ancel Keys on the relationship between the amount of saturated fat and cholesterol in the diet and the incidence of coronary heart disease. However, the data and research was flawed, as pointed out by numerous researchers thereafter. Unfortunately, the vegetable oil industry and food processing industry took Keys’ theory and ran with it. Fast forward to 2012 and we still have these same industries peddling false claims and data in the name of profit without conscious. Doesn’t it ever seem odd to you that the most pure and simple form of fat (butter, lard, etc.)is demonized but a highly processed vegetable or canola oil i.e. margarine, that has only been consumed for the past 70 years is glorified via aggressive advertising? And if these industries are so correct in their claims why is the pharmaceutical industry making such a huge profit off cholesterol lowering drugs? Does that mean the vegetable oils aren’t working? Avoiding egg yolks and full fat milk isn’t doing us any good? Do we need to revert back to our old ways of butter and bacon drippings?

It seems like you can’t have a conversation about health today without someone warning, “Oh, stay away from the yolks, they are too high in cholesterol!.” or “You better be careful with that coconut oil, it’s the highest in saturated fat!” And without being too preachy you just have to nod your head and smile politely. Well, frankly I am tired of doing that. So this blog post is my solution. Now I’m shouting it to the world. “Your western mainstream medicine doctors only know what their textbooks told them…be responsible for your own health!”

I am consistently disappointed with the supermarkets (and healthfood stores) when all I want is to buy a jar of mayo or a salad dressing but there IS NOT ONE without the first few ingredients being either canola oil, soybean oil, or vegetable oil. Gross! I do not want that toxic waste in my body while some big company profits off of my ill-being. So, I have had to start making my own mayo. It’s a good thing to know how to do and it is quite rewarding. Plus, I was able to lacto-ferment it for extra enzymes and probiotics. It tasted slightly different but it is yummy!

The Framingham Heart Study is often cited in support of the lipid hypothesis. The study commenced in 1948 with 6,000 individuals from the town of Framingham, Mass. two groups were compared at five year intervals. The first group who had consumed only a little cholesterol and saturated fat and the second group who had consumed a lot. What is often told as the moral of the story is not what was actually proven. After 40 years the director of the study was quoted saying, “In Framingham, Mass., the more saturated fat one ate, the more cholesterol one ate, the more calories one ate, the lower the person’s serum cholesterol…we found that the people who ate the most cholesterol, ate the most saturated fat, ate the most calories, weighed the least and were the most physically active.” What it ended up proving is the participants who weighed more at the end (not the ones who ate more cholesterol as your health authorities would lead you to believe) had abnormally high blood cholesterol levels and were slightly more at risk for future heart disease, but weight gain and cholesterol levels had an inverse correlation with fat and cholesterol intake in the diet. (Source: Nourishing Traditions by Sallon Fallon and Mary Enig and Cholesterol and Your Health by Christopher Mudd) This would explain why farmers will intentionally feed pigs low fat diets to quickly fatten them up. Cholesterol and saturated fat is inversely related to weight gain and blood cholesterol levels.

A lack of cholesterol in the body can cause hormone imbalance, muscle pain, learning disabilities, depression, irritability, early aging in mind and appearance, vitamin D deficiency, and weak cellular communication (malfunctioning cells=cancer).

Don’t these sounds like the bulk of our societies health problems?

It only makes sense seeing as hormones are composed of cholesterol, cholesterol is needed for Vitamin D production, cell membranes are composed of cholesterol, and cholesterol is the substance that allows brain cells to makes connections with one another called synapses. (From cholesterol-and-health.com)

What can you do to add more cholesterol into your diet?

1. Eat eggs. Preferably from chickens raised on pasture eating bugs and foraging. Not from chickens fed any soy feed.

2. Buy butter not margarine. Grass-fed.

3. Make your own mayo using an olive oil recipe.

4. Buy whole milk. Preferably raw and not ultra-pasteurized.

5. Cook with coconut oil, eat it raw, melt it in tea, rub it on your skin.

5. Use heavy cream in recipes whenever possible. Make smoothies with it.

5. Do not buy conventional salad dressings. Make your own.

6. Do not be afraid of lard. Pie crust taste better made with lard anyway.

7. Get off of your statin drugs ASAP.

I have struggled with being able to lose belly fat for a long time. When I took 1 tablespoon of coconut oil 3 times per day I dropped a couple of inches off my waist and fit into my “skinny” jeans after just a week! After giving up my low-fat vegetarian-leaning diet and incorporating full fat milk, lots of grass-fed butter, and a ton of eggs (one of my favorite foods!) into my diet I experienced a plethora of improved health benefits such as not needing as much sleep, less brain-fog, less anxiety, less painful periods (although this is still an issue I am working on), less acne, more energy, and better proportioned weight placement.

But don’t just take my word for it…do it for yourself!

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