The Julia Child Omelette WAPF style

One day, Jeremiah and I were YouTubing Julia Child’s cooking videos just for the fun of it. Jeremiah clicked on her Omelette show and my life has never been the same. Since the glorious day when I discovered the Julia Child style omelette I’ve pretty much been cooking it non-stop. It is fast, easy, and delicious.This is perfect because tomorrow is Sunday morning. An omelette is the perfect breakfast for a leisurely Sunday breakfast or a quick whipper-upper before you’re out the door to work. But if you love eggs as much as I do, you know that an omelette can be perfect for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! My new favorite way to make an omelette is Julia Child style. She really knew what she was doing, because omelettes her way have become my favorite way to cook eggs. I have a couple of modifications to suggest for a Weston A. Price/GAPS legal version. I know it seems like blasphemy to modify a Julia Child’s recipe but just do it. Weston A. Price would be proud.

1) replace butter (this is up to you…butter is great also) with ghee (clarified butter)…I use about 1.5 tablespoons of ghee because it is so yummy and nutritious and makes the omelette a heavenly texture.
2) grate a fair amount of raw white sharp cheddar cheese into the beaten eggs and stir in well before you put eggs into your pan.
3) eat with a side of homemade sauerkraut (tutorial coming soon!) or some fresh, organic salsa smothered on top and voila! a breakfast bursting with flavor and nutrition

Living is Astoria, we are blessed to have friends and family who raise chickens and ducks. I’m telling you, these organic, pasture-raised duck and chicken eggs are so delicious and nutritious. Regular organic eggs from the store are better but can still be harmful especially since the feed contains soy almost every time. If you are in Los Angeles it may be a little more difficult, but if you do some research, you can probably find some good eggs! It is very important to make sure your eggs are organic and pastured. Conventional eggs are full of unbalanced Omega-6 and Omega-3s which can negatively affect your health and hormones. Eggs from pastured chickens (or ducks!) are a nutritional powerhouse. They differ greatly from conventional eggs you find in the grocery store in that they have a significantly wider spectrum of vitamins including 2x the amount of Omega-3’s and 4 to 6 times the amount of Vitamin D! click on the link for a comprehensive look at REAL eggs from happy chickies! It all becomes clear when you compare a conventional egg to a pastured egg. You will find the yolk of the pastured egg is a brighter shade of orange and there is a higher amount of egg white (yay, bigger omelette!) If you can get your hands on some duck eggs I highly recommend using them! Duck eggs are slightly larger, and have a little more punch in the flavor. Only two eggs are necessary for this omelette if using duck eggs.

Also, this omelette rocks because we are using Ghee. Grass-fed Ghee is a fabulous fat beneficial to your heart. It’s a great source of saturated fat, which I love. (more on that later)It is great for cooking at higher temperatures because of the saturated fat profile. Throw your SmartBalance and Earth Balance crap away, use Ghee!
The use of raw cheese in this omelette will boost the nutrient level sky high. My body can only handle cheese from raw milk because it can easily digest it. When milk is highly processed or homogenized it completely transforms the molecular composition making it a foreign substance unrecognizable to your body. Raw cheese still contains the enzymes necessary for your body to absorb the calcium. Since it is unprocessed it contains enzymes, minerals, and beneficial bacteria for a healthy digestive system. Love me some raw cheese!

Bon Appetit!